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Lini PC

Lini PC brings the power of the Linux operating system to the desktop in a uniquely stylish and compact form.


Intel processors, from Pentium to Core i5 and Core i7. Up to 1 TB Hard Drives and 1 TB Solid State Drives. Up to 16 GB DDR3 SDRAM.


Xubuntu Linux operating system. Designed by and for professionals. Complete LibreOffice suite with every system. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint compatible.


Linux is designed from the ground up for enterprise grade security. Automatic daily checks for security updates.


Google, Amazon, Netflix, and millions of other websites are all powered by Linux. Lini PC brings the same level of 24/7/365 reliability to your desktop.


Lini PC ships with a full suite of essentiall apps. Thousands of additional applications can be downloaded for free from the Ubuntu Software Center. All of your software is updated automatically and securely on a daily basis.


Lini PC is designed and assembled in the USA. Every Lini PC is assembled with care, thoroughly tested, and hand polished to deliver a beautiful finished product.

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